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Clients: Our Biggest Partners

Fail to create lasting bonds with your clients and you fail in business. This is our attitude when working with all clients. A repeat client is the ultimate testament to McKay-Cocker that we have done our job correctly—this is core to our beliefs of Service, Quality and Relationships.

McKay-Cocker is proud of the client list that we have developed since 1946, when our company started. We appreciate the business of all of our clients and try to understand the impacts of their projects to their businesses beyond construction. With that understanding we work together to find solutions that benefit our client’s long term, bringing them back to us in the future.

We have often said that we want to ‘grow with our clients’ and McKay-Cocker sees no deviation from this path in the future.


McKay-Cocker evaluates all of our projects to minimize the environmental impact that we will have during construction.