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Joint Venture


Joint Ventures: Strategic Connections

We use Joint Venture's as a conduit; allowing McKay-Cocker to expand our size and experience for specific project pursuits. Our most successful and rewarding Joint Venture experience to date is our partnership with Walbridge Construction to build the Toyota Manufacturing Plant in Woodstock. This was the first full scale auto manufacturing plant built in Ontario in over a decade. Working together the Joint Venture was able to secure the majority of the work on the site and completed the project successfully. McKay-Cocker and Walbridge continue to pursue work together in Joint Venture.

We have also utilized Joint Ventures to pursue several AFP Projects to date and are looking to partner with quality firms in project pursuit that match up well with the combined skill sets and experiences of both partners to bring our clients a project delivery that would exceed the value that they would have received if McKay-Cocker pursued alone.


McKay-Cocker evaluates all of our projects to minimize the environmental impact that we will have during construction.