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Lump Sum


Stipulated Price (Lump Sum)

With roots in the Heavy Civil sector, McKay-Cocker is no stranger to hard bid projects. Our continuous success in this area acts a confirmation to our Design-Build and Construction Management clients that they are receiving true competitive value from our services. We continue to regularly bid on stipulated price projects.

McKay-Cocker believes that unqualified open lump sum tenders have potential dangers for owners. We believe this because there is no upfront qualification of Contractors, no checkpoints in their current workloads and experiences. That said we have participated in many project procurements that are a 'quasi' lump sum tenders. These procurements are often multi staged and provide a filter to the owner for quality and experience. Those marks are quite often brought forward and considered in combination with the Lump Sum tender pricing. This not only gives the owner comfort that they have qualified bidders on the project but, also gives McKay-Cocker comfort in knowing that they are competing on equal terms with qualified competition.

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McKay-Cocker evaluates all of our projects to minimize the environmental impact that we will have during construction.