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Service that You Demand, We Deliver

By selecting McKay-Cocker you are putting trust in us to understand your needs, translate them into action and ultimately deliver your project to your expectations. To do this we take an approach of open collaboration and communication with all of our work. Every client has different needs that McKay-Cocker must be cognizant of and responsive to. We provide relevant reporting and make sure that the client is being given timely and responsive service. This could mean anything from a customized report, to a trip overseas to make sure we understand your priorities and processes.

McKay-Cocker's corporate structure is geared towards efficient project delivery and innovation. Our project teams have all the tools they require to make critical decisions and provide the information that you need. When additional tools and resources are required to ensure success, they will be dedicated immediately, our depth in talented staff allows for this.


McKay-Cocker evaluates all of our projects to minimize the environmental impact that we will have during construction.