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La Cie McCormick Distribution, Satellite Office and Food Production Facility

Client Information


Project Information

  • Location: London , ON
  • Delivery Method: Design-Build
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Sub Sector: Food, Manufacturing
  • Status: Completed
  • Completion Date: February 2009
  • Size: 214,000 sq. ft.


La Cie McCormick Canada Corporation is a Canadian company with both their corporate and premiere production facility located in London, Ontario.

La Cie McCormick’s most famous brand is ‘Club House’, a house hold name in herbs, spices, seasonings, mixes and general cooking ingredients.

Due to the mass demand for the Club House brands, La Cie McCormick were housing finished products in a variety of distribution locations across London. In order to streamline efficiencies, a request for proposal was issued for a single warehousing facility and satellite office.

After several sites across the City of London were considered and a competitive tender was completed, McKay-Cocker was awarded the project and secured a land purchase within a five minute travel time of La Cie McCormick Canada’s corporate head office.

As the design of this new facility progressed, La Cie McCormick acquired ‘Billy Bee’ honey. In order to centralize production and for logistical purposed it was decided that the new building should set aside 40,000 square feet for this production facility to be relocated.

In the final analysis, the building was clad with insulated concrete panels and architectural panel features interjected and the roofing was upgraded to a four-ply bituminous roof to ensure security of the facility and longevity of the envelope elements. With foresight in mind enough land was purchase and the eastern side of the building and provisions in the base design for a 140,000 square foot expansion; as well as an additional four dock pits and door positions to compliment the base construction of 15 docking positions.

With the introduction of ‘Billy Bee’ came the challenges or heating and cooling extremes of the honey purification, production, storage and batching process all of which were managed within the original construction schedule.

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